Anno Designer ,纪元设计器,是一款 Windows 平台上用于制作建筑布局的软件程序。





  1. Github 页面下载
  2. 解压 压缩包(这样可以使以后使用更方便);
  3. 运行 AnnoDesigner.exe


如果发现任何问题,可以通过 Github 页面提供反馈。


随着纪元设计器最初开发者 Jc.Bernack 表示他更改了本软件的许可证(消息来源页面),这允许本软件在 MIT 许可证下做出了相关的许可证更改。目前本软件正在积极开发中,会尽快未玩家带来更多功能,并提高软件实用性。


纪元设计器的代码库分支可以在 Github 页面查看:


玩家可以从 Github 页面获取帮助或提供支持





Anno Designer v8.6:
Preset.json : Version 3.2.10
Icons.json : Version 0.8.2
Colors.json : Version


Anno Designer v8.6 更新记录
Anno Designer v8.6
  • fix online update for presets with icons (#162)
  • Presets File Update (v3.2.10)
    • Fix missing building #159
    • added buildings and icons of "Seat of Power" DLC
    • updated default colors
    • added icons for GameUpdate7 and Twitch Drops

Anno Designer v8.5

  • #151 improve performance of rendering
  • #150 draw selection before influence
  • added some default colors
  • Presets file updated to v3.2.9
    • #153 fix german localization (World's Fair: Foundations)
    • added buildings and icons of "Christmas" DLC
    • added buildings and icons of "The Passage" DLC
    • fix: #155 Missing Numbers on Farm Buildings and Fields
    • fix: #154 Add frequently used road bar into default set

Anno Designer v8.4

  • Presets file updated to v3.2.8
    • added icons of "Botanica" DLC
    • added icons of "The Anarchist" DLC
    • added icons of "Sunken Treasures" DLC
    • added icons of Twitch events
    • fixed missing Depot of 2070
  • Copy function keeping object on mouse
  • Filter building presets by selected game
  • Allow transparency on "Place Building"
  • Reset settings if corrupt
  • Add import/export from/to JSON string
  • use/apply predefined color if available
  • find template in presets if not defined
  • better performance when dragging all objects
  • run as x64 process on x64 machines
  • fix: save window position
  • better performance of combobox with icons

Anno Designer : Preset 3.2.5

  • Fixed wrong Ornaments Translation for French, Polish and Russian languages
  • Added missing InfluenceRadius to "Lumberjack's Hut" (New World/Anno 1800)

Anno Designer v8.3

  • The Anno Designer has been localized to the French language!
  • The menu headings in the buildings list have been localised.
  • Presets file updated to v3.2.4
    • French language is added (was preset v3.2.2)
    • Replaced Oil Power Plant and Deleted the Coal Power Plant (was 3.2.3)
    • Added Radius Range to Anno 1800 Buildings and missing new world fields: Alpaca and Cattle
    • Added Distance Range to the Anno 1800 Buildings.
  • Search has been added to the buildings list - you can now easily

filter the list and quickly find the buildings you want to place!

  • Change the color of objects that have already been placed.
  • Buildings can now render an influence distance - good for 1800/2205 buildings that use this system rather than a radius.
  • Further performance improvements - statistics have been reworked.
  • The presets file and icons can now automatically update - no manual download required (can be configured in settings).

Anno Designer: Preset v3.1.1

  • Added / Fixed Police Station for New World (wrong size)
  • Change Menu for the following buildings to the Factions/Tiers where the building will be available from: - Fire Stations, - Police Stations and - Hospitals

Anno Designer: Preset v3.0.1

  • Added World's Fair Foundation to the Anno 1800 Menu

Anno Designer: Preset v3.0.0

  • Added Ornamental s to the Anno 1800 Menu
  • Version number is change, confirm the versioning rules